Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Vietnam Day 5

Our day starts off not much different from any of the others, but I did catch some cool sunrise pics today, and then it was off to met my boys downstairs for coffee with the locals. Not quite as exciting as the previous day, but we were out in the sticks this morning, so that is only to be expected.... it was actually kind of nice not having to deal with all street vendors while we sat and enjoyed our coffee. After meeting the rest of the Team for breakfast we loaded up and headed out for Pleiku.... within a half hour of our trip, I get to do something I really wanted to do but had no clue how to pull it off.... well, it all just kind of fell into place and we spot a Vietnamese wedding about to take place. We pull off the road and with Camera in hand we walk up with Tiep, he says something to one of the parents of the couple and they welcome T1 with open arms, Literally! Their weddings are much different then ours and we basically caught the arrival of the couple at the reception which I guess is the first time everyone gets to see them.... very cool!

Ok well, really bad internet connection and this is the best I could do for pics today.... hopefully I can add to this post a little later once we get to the next city.... bare with me and keep checking back.....

Hope everyone back home in the states is doing well!

T1 out....

 They have some big bugs here!

 Texting and driving? On a motorcycle!

 This is our driver Foo, the man has nerves of steel!

 Nice Hummer in the middle of no where!

 This is what they call a Tribal or Moi.... The Vietnamese Govn't is afraid of them because they are such fierce fighters.....

 It is truly amazing to see what these people can come up with to drive and use to farm with....

And finally, I will leave you with this image, I think it was one of the best I have taken thus far.....

Talk to you all soon!

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